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Similar meaning

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Use of English
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Rewrite the sentences so that the meaning to be similar to the first sentence. Use the� given words:

�Eg. Spending a lot of time playing computer games is foolish.
�������to��� It is foolish to spend a lot of time playing computer games.
a)�Our mother does not allow eating in my room.
���eat .
b) The soup is so sour that I can't eat it.
��� too�
c) They wanted to buy the house but it is too expensive for them.
��� enough�
d) In the hospital smoking is not allowed.
e) Speaking with your mouth full is bad manners.
�� to
f) If someone wants to visit USA a visa is required.
�� must have�
g) It's not necessary to go there if you don't want to.
�� needn't
h) "I'm sorry that I offended you!" she said to her friend.
�� aplogise