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          Watch the video and fill the the gaps with the correct vegetable.
  Once I ate a  and I thought that it was good!
  Then I ate a  'cause my mother said I should.
  The  was delicious. What a yummy thing to eat!
    It made me feel adventurous, and so I tried a
  The  was simply wonderful, my taste buds were aglow.
  I think I'm going crazy and I thought you ought to know.
  I'm going crazy! (crazy, crazy, crazy)  That's how I want to be, yeah!
  Crazy over vegetables, and that's all right with me!
  I nibbled on some  amazing, what a taste!
 And now, the  on my plate will never go to waste!
 Ate some  and  too, as much as I could hold.
  It got me so excited I went right out of my gourd.
  I'm going crazy! (crazy, crazy, crazy) But,oh, what can I say? 
  I'm crazy over vegetables. I eat them everyday!
  Well, you can lock me up in a padded room and throw away the keys
  Before you go, please toss in a stalk of .
  I tasted some , what scrumptious little spears!
  I was eating  until it came out of my ears!
  But now I'm eating ,  and
  I've gone complety loony over vegetables like these!
  I'm going crazy! (crazy, crazy, crazy) It's crazy, but it's  true, yeah!
  Crazy over vegetables, I love them. Yes, I do!
  I'm going crazy! (crazy, crazy, crazy) That's how I want to be!
  I hope that someday everyone is crazy just like me!
                These vegetables are mentioned  in the song. 
                Write their names. (If there is more than one, use the plural form)
     Complete the words by adding the missing vowels.
         brgn      grn nn      grn  pppr
         rd cbbg            tmt        clflwr
          ccmbr             brssls sprts           nn
       zcchn            spnch                ym            cbbg 
                lttc            chl  pppr              ptt
3 5
4 6


1. 4.7. 8.
2.  3.  5.6.
                                                                                                Good Luck!
                                                                                                                      by Anna Pessôa