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Ethics In Business and Professions: Schools And Youth Misbehavior. (Author-Bouabdellah) 26-08-2009

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Unit 02:

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Part one: Text Interpretation and Exploration.

A-Interpreting the text:

QuestionGetting started:

1)���� Consider the following ideas then find an appropriate illustration for each one from the presentation on the left.

a)-Today more and more teenagers are becoming pathetically addicted to new media forms; especially to online video�games.
b)-This is one of the reasons they become more distracted, disruptive and undisciplined when studying at school.

c)��-Very often this behavior�results in acts of violence towards anyone; classmates, teachers, parents, etc�...
-Consequently, they fail their studies which they try to recover by seeking out the easiest possible ways to earn�their degrees, such as by cheating and, very often, plagiarizing from the Net.
e)�� -Subsequently, the notion of ethics and morality vanishes and more young people go over to more serious negative actions like stealing (at school, their friends, parents��) and even shoplifting.� Thinking perhaps, that crime does pay!
f)-Finally,�because of this misbehavior they resort more often to lying to their parents and teachers and find themselves caught in an endless negative circle that spirals out of control. �
QuestionNow read the text carefully then do the activities below:

2)��� Choose the correct answer.

a)���� What type is the Text?
b)�� What is the text about?

3)���Which of the following is the best title to the text?

a)Ethical behaviour today.
b)The US schools and scholars ethics today.
c)Today's Teens's misbehaviour

4)��� Answer the following questions according to the text.

a)���� Is the writer worried about the survey results? Justify by quoting from the text.
Because he says:

b)��� How many students happened to steal and when?
c)���� Who is responsible for Building teens's character? In which paragraph is this stated?
d)�� Are the American schools now as they used to be long ago? Justify by quoting from the text.

B-Exploring the text:

5)��� Find in the text words close in meaning to the following.

a)���� Judgement (1�) =���� b) Prove (2�) =

6)��� Find in the text words that are opposites in meaning to following.

a)��� Disagree(3�) =/=������b) Unrespectable (4�)=/=

7)��� Match each word with its appropriate definition.



a) character

1 - The way that someone acts towards other people

b) behaviour

2 - Of a person who is independent and not always counting on the others.

c) self-reliance

3 - Qualities and specifications that make a person or a group different from another

8)�� Filling the table giving the roots and affixes of the following words where necessary.

assessment - indication -�misbehavior - Informative - Immorality




9)��� Combine the sentences below using the appropriate connector.

Although�- in order to - therefore

a)���� Education was becoming more accessible. The region hadn't witnessed any positive changes.
b)��� Schools have become necessary partners.Parents should reinforce the relationships with them.
c)���� Families and religious institutions need help. Recognize and build individuals characters.

10) Classify the followings according to the pronunciation of their final "d/ed".















11) How many syllables are there in each of the following words and which one is STRESSED?.


Number Of



Syllalbe N�:


b) Psychology


d) Economical

Part Two: Writing.

Question Write a composition on the following topic.

You can write this compmostion on a double sheet of paper then hand your teacher it when asked.
������ The writer says that it had become difficult for schools in the USA to teach moral and ethical values since the American society became a big melting pot of various cultures and religions. What about your own country? Is it in the same case as the US? Do schools have an important role to play in this matter there? How?

Now that you are done, take a moment to consider what it is all about.

How long must all these curses continue poinsoning our world?

Isn't it time to get involved to make it even better than tomorrow,

for all the children for all the people,

because everyone can make a difference.

Visit this site and participate to�realize this�change.

Every Thing Is Possible.