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Simple Past Tense

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Grammar – Simple Past Tense



1.               Farmers __________________ (bulldoze) the land to make a new field.  


2.               My teacher ___________________ (meet) your acquaintance, everyday. 


3.               He _____________________ (think) it’s clever to make fun of people. 


4.               We _______________ (go) to headquarters in Tokyo and started a new business there. 


5.               They ______________ (have) to make a small charge for refreshments. 


6.               Businessman ____________ (lock)  up our valuables in the safe. 


7.               Cook  ________________ (boil)  the kettle and made some tea. 


8.               Policemen _________________ (brush) their boots before going to the parade. 


9.               Old man __________________ (bang) the door very heavily.  


10.           Postal workers ______________ (get)  a 5.2% pay rise from last month. 


11.           Mr. Fernando who works in Irrigation Department    _______________ (come) this way, yesterday. 

12.           Smith and Brothers Company Ltd.  ________________ (introduce) a new wrist watch, last year. 
13.           Srilankans __________  (fight) hardly against the terrorism, last year.   
14.           New Zealand ______________ (produce) milk powder vastly than other countries, early 1990's. 
15.           Middle east countries ______________ (demand) high quality Sri Lankan garment products, those days.    
16.           A woodpecker____________  (broach) many valuable trees in our land, last month.  
17.           I _____________ (begin) to work in Sri Lanka, as soon as I arrived. 
18.           I'm afraid I'm not hungry. I ___________________(eat) a cheese burger,  little while ago. 
19.           When Palitha was at school, he ____________(learn) to play the saxophone.   
20.           Could you give me some advice? I _______________(buy) this sweater at Macy's. Do you think I should return it back?   
21.           Upali  lived in Anuradhapura.  Before he ___________________(move) here.  
22.           Sanath ____________(migrate) to Paris last year.     
23.           Sanduni  _________________(want) to buy a hanky when I was in a hurry to get back home    
24.           Gayani  ____________________(believe) my words for ages.  
25.           It  ______________ (start) a heavy downpoure, as soon as we got out of home.   
by Ranjith (SL) ([email protected])