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Who Does What?

by Natalie B.
Write the correct name at the beginning of each of ten sentences to match the pictures.
1.   is feeding her rabbits.                          
2.  is mending an engine.
3. is kicking a football.
4. is washing her hair.
5.  is speaking on the phone.
6.  is skateboarding.
7. is painting the wall.
8.  is skating.
9.  is making a model.
10. is riding a horse.
Find the verbs from the sentences in the crossword.

Complete the sentences with correct form of Present  Progressive.


Dana  her lunch.
Mr. Smith his horse.
Paul  the ball.
John  a picture of his brother.
My mother  my clothes.
Dana and Dina  on the phone.
Edwin  on the ice.
                                                                                                                  Good Luck!