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The Article:use and omission of THE

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Click on the small  box if the sentence is right.Then write the correct sentences in the long boxes.YOU MUSTNīT WRITE ANYTHING IF THE SENTENCE IS RIGHT.
1.-Children learn easily what they see
2.-The sugar has lots of calories
3.-Where is the sugar I bought?
4.-Life is difficult in this area because there isnīt enough water
5.-The life of the people in this area is difficult because there isnīt enough water.
6.-The music makes me happy
7.-The music weīre listening to isnīt modern but it is very catchy
8.-The friends should help you when you need it
9.-The friends I was waiting for arrived this morning
10.-The Japanese is a difficult language
11.-The Japanese language is difficult
12.-The Japanese are really hard-working
13.-The Japanese people are really hard-working
14.-I canīt play piano
15.-She plays basket in a famous team
16.-The Lake Michigan is very big
17.-He has a house near the lake
18.-President Martin was welcomed by a lot of people
19.-The President will visit our country
20.-The aunt Jane is spending the summer with us