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SO-SUCH-TOO-ENOUGH worksheet preview

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Such-So Too-Enough Sentence Transformations

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***SO...THAT / SUCH...THAT / TOO / ENOUGH*** (B&W+KEY included)
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Age: 9-14
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Words denoting quality and quantity.
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Rephrasing too - enough - so - such
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Age: 14-17
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Kids Having Kids - Too/Enough/So/Such/V ery - Love and Relationships
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Too/ Enough/ So...that/ Such....That
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Too Much Love - Comparatives + Too/Enough/So/Such/V ery - Love and Relationships
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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1- Giselle's  good she could be a professional.
2- She plays  well (that) she could be a professional.
3- There were  footballs (that) I didn't know which one to choose.
4- Which expression substitutes "so many" in the previous sentence?
5- Mozart is  good player! 
6- They are  good students!
7- "It's hot today." Rephrase it in three different ways using:
8- Which of the three previous sentences you've made CAN'T be continued with "that"?
9- It's  hot today  us  go to the beach.
10- Which of the following sentences has a negative meaning?
11- Our teacher gives us  homework.
12- How can you substitute "too much" in the previous sentence for an expression containing "such"? Our teacher gives us such .
13- Unscramble this sentence: TICKET / I'VE / TO / MONEY / GOT / BUY / ENOUGH / THE
14- Unscramble this sentence: ENOUGH / TEAM / I'M / BE / THE / NOT / TO / IN / GOOD  
15- Observing the two previous sentences, we notice that "enough" comes  nouns and  adjectives.
16- "It wasn't warm enough for me to go swimming." Re-write it using "too". It was  go swimming.
17- "He's too short to be a basketball player." Re-write it using "enough". He isn't  basketball player.