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Simple Past and Present Perfect

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Simple past and present perfect

The Past Simple:
It is used to fix events and
�situations in the past. You can
�use it when the event or the situation happened.
I saw Melanie in the cinema.
She met her husband 5 years ago.
The Present Perfect:
The present perfect has several
�uses, but it always shows a
�connection between the past and now.
We�ve known each other since we were children.
Patrick�s been married for five years.
Write in the blanks with the correct form .

1)��� Felipe ll (be) a king.

2)��� I(forget) my keys!�������� �

3)��� Last holidays we(meet)a new friend.

4)��� Mum�(lose) my ruler! (you/ see)it?

5)��� I(visit) all the parks when I (be) in Orlando.

6)��� I(play) the piano for 10 years.

7)��� (you/ever/win) the lottery.

8)��� Yesterday,Janet (call)me to say she happy birthday.

9)��� He(work) in that project since March.

10)� Unfortunately, Doris�(break) her leg.

11)��Somene (steal) my wallet!

12)� I know that girl but I�(forget) her name.

13)��Mozart(write) over 600 works during his lifetime.

14)��All Mr Jones� fields�(burn) for 2 days.

15)��We�(marry) last year.

16)� He�(love) his girlfriend for a long time.

17)� What�s a stupid thing! Peter (not/ study) for the final exam.

18)� It was very hot in the room so I(open) the window.

19)� I�m really sorry I (lose) your mp3.

20) �They (leave) home at 12 o�clock.

21)� When I(be) a child I (love) swimming in the sea with my sister.

22)��My brother(not/ finish) his homework yet.

23)� We (be) asleep when Dad�(arrive) home.

24)� Jonas (fight) with his cousin last night.

25)� Auntie Liza(buy) a new car last week.

26)� She (make) a very big cake for my party.

27) �I (go) to the cinema with my husband last Saturday.

28)��Oh my God! You(make) a mistake.