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Queen Elizabeth II (Author-Boubbellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane

First/Second Year Students

Technological Streams 2004/2005

Reading: Queen Elizabeth II

Read the following text carefully then do the activities below.
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of the United Kingdom. She was  born in 1926. When she was eighteen, she went like many other English girls of her age, into the women's section of the army. There, she learned to drive heavy lorries.
In 1947, she was married to a naval officer, Philip Mountbatten, who became Duke of Edinburgh. They have three sons and a daughter. Charles was born in 1948, Anne in 1950, Andrew in 1960 and Edward in 1964.
In 1952, George VI died, and his daughter Elizabeth, became queen at the age of twenty five. In 1953, she was crowned according to ancient tradition, in Westminster Abbey.
Queen Elizabeth leads a very quiet life at home. She dresses simply and eats plain food. She loves outdoor sports especially riding, fishing and walking. Every year she spends two or three months in Scotland, where she can ride, fish and walk as much as she wants. She enjoys theatre and classical music. She feels concerned with the problems of her country.
Everybody in Britain loves Queen Elizabeth for her sympathy, courtesy and loyalty.

Question SECTION ONE: Comprehension
Exercise 01
: How many paragraphs are there in the above passage?
Exercise 02: What do the underlined words in the text refer to?
a. There, she...              -->
b. They have three...     -->
c. … she was...              --> his daughter Elizabeth/Elizabeth/the queen
d. … where she...          --> Scotland
Exercise 03: Answer the following questions according to the text. Pay attention to the punctuation. and capitals.
a. Who is Queen Elizabeth II?
b. (1) How many children does she have? (2)Who are they?
c. Who is Elizabeth's father?
d. Why do the British people love Elizabeth?
Exercise 04: Match the words and their meaning.Write the word number in the box.
      Words                            Meanings
      1. lorries:                          a. Any person in the army holding a position of command
      2. officer:                         b. Big vehicles used to transport merchandise.
      3. ride:                              c. Sit and travel on the back of animal.

Question SECTION TWO: Mastery of Language
Exercise 01: Complete the table.         
        a. France                 
        b.                 Tunisian
        c. Germany              
        d.                 Turkish
Exercise 02: Put the words in brackets in their correct place in the sentence. Rewrite the whole sentence.        
        c-I finish work at half past five. (usually)
        d-I go to bed after ten. (rarely)
Exercise 03: Ask the appropriate questions about what is underlined in the sentence.
        a. Rachid lives in Oran.
  1                   2
         Question 1:
         Question 2:
Exercise 04: Reorder the following sentences to make a coherent paragraph.
    a-He was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon in 1564.                     
    b-In the mid-1580’s, he went to London to work as an actor. 
    c-William Shakespeare is an English playwright and poet.      
    e-He became famous because of his works such as:                
    f-Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and King Lear.                             
    g-He probably studied at the local Grammar School.