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To Be

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Let's Have Fun with English. by Natalie B.

Fill in the blanks.

1. aunt
2. bedroom
3. comuputer
4 game��
5. magic
6. monster
7. new
8. note
9 present
a gift,��� parent's sister,��� you write a little notice,�� �mystical thing,���
�a machine that processes data,���� frightening creature,���� �fun activity,�
a place where I sleep,���� something that hasn't been used.
Complete the Crossword.
1 2
3 4


Write the words from the crossword.
1. We play a�� .
2.� This���has�four eyes.
3. I can do . I am a magician.
4. I sleep in my .
5. I like to play on my
6.�I write a �to my mom. "I will be home at 16:00".

The Verb "To Be"

Listen to the sentences in English.

I am������������������� We are

He is�������������� ������������������You are

She is������ ������������They are

It is

I �a boy.

He �a doctor.

We �in the classroom.

Danny and Rina �at home.

My mother and I �in the shop.

My teacher �very nice and tall.

The �dog �near a tree.

The pens in the pencil case.

� Good luck!!!!!!!