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Tag Questions

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Question tags

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Question tags

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Question Tags

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They are mini-questions which we put on the end of a sentence

A Positive sentence:::::::::> negative tag
   You are a studen't,aren't you?                                    
   You can swim can't you?
   We must learn English better,mustn't we?
B Negative sentence:::::::::> positive tag
   They aren't your friends are they?
   She doesn't love you much,does she?
   You didn't do it,did you?

Now choose the correct option to make a question tag

1 Murat gets up late,?                                                       10 Let's have a drink,?


2 Your car is not cheap,?                                                       11 Lisa has lost her ID, ?                                             


3 You couldn't help me,?                                               12 We are friends,?


4 You weren't at the party last night,?                            13 Shout up,?


5 There is a museum in this city,?                                   14 Good idea,?


6 You have never been to Peking,?                               15 You must give up smoking,?


7 I didn't do anything wrong,?                                             16 No one can help you,?


8 They helped us a lot,?                                                 17 Don't do it, ?


9 Get out of my sight,?                                                   18 Dave is your cousin?