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Haunted Hotels Activity

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����� Haunted Hotels in Canada

A) The Bellman at the Banff Springs Hotel

The most� ghost is that of Sam Macauley, a bellman� died in 1976.� after Sam�s death, the ghost of a bellman wearing a 1960s uniform had�been seen around the hotel�and�his� fitted Sam perfectly.�Sam has been known to help people who�are �of their rooms,� the lights or help carry guests' bags to their rooms. His favourite haunt is the 9th floor. Any time people try to tip the bellman or� a conversation with him, the ghost of Sam will simply .
B) Crystal Ballroom Remains Alive at the Royal York Toronto

In the penthouse�at the Royal York, the Crystal Ballroom, which was� permanently because it did not meet the fire code. The service elevator�will sometimes go��up to the Crystal Ballroom �it�s been closed off for years. In the guest rooms directly� the Crystal, hotel guests often complain about music and loud talkingthe ballroom. Also, chandeliers on this floor have been known to �for no reason.

C) Bradford Regency Hotel Victoria

Located� Victoria�s Inner Harbour, the historic Bradford Regency Hotel �have a ghost in their dining room. The �of �Lady Churchill� can often be felt in her old room by the� of her . Across the street�at Camille's West Coast Fine Dining restaurant, the ghost of Lady Churchill and her gentlemen friend, Brady, have been seen .
D)Haunting of the Chateau Frontenac Hotel

The most��seen�ghost is a man who is believed to�be Louis de Buade, a governor in the� 17th century. The story is that�Louis� the�old chateau �his fianc�e who was in Europe at the�time of his . He is dressed in period costume and has been seen sitting on windowsills,��in the hallways or �guests in their rooms�while they are sleeping.

�� Answer the questions based on the above�descriptions.

1. Which hotel has a female ghost? ���
2.�Which hotel has the friendliest ghost?
3. Which hotel has a condemned part, not in use?
4. Who is looking for his girlfriend?�
5. Where can you hear strange music being played?
6. Is Lady Churchill always seen in her room?

  1. Where is the hotel located?
  2. �Is it the hotel least photographed in the world? yes�/� no
  3. What styles does the hotel emmulate? The Renaissance�/ Gothic�/ Baroque�/ Middle Ages�/ Classic
  4. Who was Count Frontenac?
  5. When was the Dufferin Terrace built?
  6. Can you go skiing at Chateau Frontenac?