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About the rat which was turned into a beautiful lady. (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane

First/Second Year Students

Technological Streams 2005/2006

Reading: About the rat which was turned into a beautiful lady.

Read the following dialogue then do the activities below.
About the rat which was turned into a beautiful lady.
Once upon a time, a hermit*1 lived in a remote country. The hermit happened to see a hawk*2 that was flying through the skies carrying a rat in its beak*3. When he saw it, he begged God to make the rat fall near him. He started praying and after a moment the rat fell beside him. Then he asked God to turn it into a beautiful lady and He, in return pleased the hermit. The lady was tall and had blond hair. Her eyes were blue and she was as delicate as a rose.
The hermit asked her if she wanted to marry the Sun. "I'm afraid not," the lady replied "I do not wish to marry the sun because it sometimes hides behind the clouds and its brightness can't be seen." The hermit tried again and asked her if she wanted to marry the moon. The lady refused again because the moon has no proper light and takes it from the sun. This time, the hermit invited the lady to marry the clouds. Again, she did not accept because she said that the wind often takes the clouds where he wants. As she had mentioned the wind, the hermit offered her the chance to marry him. Once again, she refused this time because she believed that the mountains do not let him blow freely; nor did she want to marry the mountains because rats make holes through them and destroy them. Finally, he asked her if she wanted to marry a man but she refused this too because men kill rats. At last, the lady asked the hermit to pray to God to turn her into a rat once more and beg Him to find a male rat for her so that she could marry him.
*1=���ߡ ����� ����ᠠ������ *2 = ��Ѡ��� *3 = �����

SECTION ONE: Comprehension.
ACTIVITY 01: What or who do the underlined words in the text refer to?

1. �saw it, he��������� =>
2. �and He, in�������� =>
3. and its brightness���� =>
4. �takes it from����� =>
5. �marry him.���������� =>

ACTIVITY 02:Find in the text words or expressions�close in meaning to the following.

1. Distant �1�����������=
2. Prayed �1�����������=
3. Another time �2�=
4. With liberty �2���=
5. Finally �2�����������=

ACTIVITY 03: Answer the following questions according to the text.
1.���� What did the hermit pray God for?
2.���� Did the lady marry the sun? Why?
3.���� In your opinion, did the lady refuse to marry a man only because men kill rats?

SECTION TWO: Mastery Of Language.
ACTIVITY 01: Complete sentence �B� so that it means the same as sentence �A�.�������
1. A � Robert is a journalist and so is Peter.
2. A � Like Jane, Mary does not like wasting her time.
B�likes wasting her time.
ACTIVITY 02: Order the words to make a correct sentence.
��� * at / bed, / door. / go / I / knocked / preparing / someone / the / to / to / was / While
ACTIVITY 03: Find in the text 3 regular verbs in the past and classify them in the table below according to the pronunciation of their final 'ed'. (One verb each column.)

ACTIVITY 04: Find in the text 10 words finishing in 's' or 'es' and classify them in the table below according to the pronunciation of the 's' or 'es'.
(the number for each column is given)���
/s/ = (3)
/z/ = (7)
ACTIVITY 05: Classify the following words in the table below according to their stressed syllable.
atomic � powerful expressing
1st� Syllable stressed
2nd�� Syllable stressed

You have seen this advertisement for young people to participate in a "TV quiz show" and would like to apply. Read the advertisement then write a letter of application explaining why you think you should appear on the show.
ClapYoung people wanted for the famous TV quiz show: "Genius"Clap
This could be your chance to win a fortune!
To appear on the show you should:
be between 12 and 16
be a good student with wide general knowledge
have a good clear voice
�NB: To be done at hom