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Subject and Verb Agreement worksheet preview
Subject and Verb Agreement

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Subject and Verb Agreement worksheet preview
Subject and Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement 1 worksheet preview
Subject Verb Agreement 1

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  subject verb agreement

                choose the correct option

1        Everybody unique

2    Either  my father or my mother at home.I don’t remember which one.

3        Neither Jane nor Gill good at English.

4        Neither Helen nor her brothers the shopping.

5        Each of the parents responsible for child care.

6        The manager,along with the teachers,  present at the meeting.

7        Either you or I  going to buy some sugar.

8        The police carrying guns and gas.

9        There a nice swimming pool nearby.

10    There ten students  who failed geography.

11    Mom and dad never .

12    Both Larry and Jem  rich.

13    The staff shocked by the news of their boss.

     14    There little money left.We can’t buy all we need.

15    The number of unemployed citizens  rising day by day.

16    30 percent of our income  to rent.

17    Our army  one of the largest and most powerful in theworld.