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Miss Ann Johnson and her Neighbours (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane

First/Second Year Students

Technological/Technical Streams 2004/2005

Practice: Miss Ann Johnson

Read the following text carefully then do the activities below.
Miss Ann Johnson is 27 years old. She lives in an apartment on the Main Street. Her apartment is on the third floor. Miss Johnson is a musician. She plays the piano. She practices for two hours every day. She usually sings and plays the piano after lunch.
Mr. Wallace is the owner of the building. He lives on the first floor. He is an old man and rarely goes out. He is a retired banker. He is a little deaf, but he loves radio programs and television. He always turns on the radio early in the morning. He usually listens to the radio all morning and then turns on the TV after lunch. People in the street often hear clearly the programs too.
A family of four lives on the second floor. Mr. Post is a teacher. He teaches English in a big high school. Mrs. Post is an engineer. She is Mr. Post's second wife. She does not like Mr. Post�s two sons. She always criticizes them. The boys are Michael and James. Michael is 16 years old and James is 10. She says the boys are lazy and noisy. They play records in the morning and after school every day. They like loud music but Mrs. Post hates noise.
SECTION ONE: Comprehension.�������������������������������������������������������������
Exercise 01: Choose the appropriate title for the text.
a.The family.
b.Mr. Wallace's parents.
c.The neighbors.
Exercise 02: Are these statements true, false, or not mentioned in the text? Choose the correct answer.
a.Ann is an unmarried woman.
b.Mr. Wallace works in a bank.
c.Four persons live on the second floor.
d.The mother of Michael and James died last year.
Exercise 03: Answer the following questions according to the text.
a.How many families are mentioned in the text? Name them.
b.How often does the musician practice the piano?
c.Why doesn't Mrs. Post like Michael and James?
d.What are Michael�s and James�s hobbies?
Exercise 04: Match the words and their meaning. Write 1,2 or�3 in the box.
SECTION TWO: Mastery of Language.���������������������������������������������������
Exercise 01: Match the words and their opposites. Write 1,2, 3 or 4 in the box.
1�� noisy =/=
2. dirty =/=
3. loves =/=
4. always =/=
�a.� never.
�b. quiet.
�c.� clean.
�d. hates
���������������� Exercise 02: Every sentence contains one and one mistake only. Spot the mistake then re-write the sentence correctly.
a. What does she does every weekend?
b. I enjoy read detective and love stories.
c. Mary has always in blue trousers and white boots.
d. John and Pam have visited never Algeria.
���������������� Exercise 03: Ask the appropriate questions about what is underlined in the sentence.
Angie �meets �her friendsin the librarythree times a week.
��� 1����������������������� 2���������������� 3�������������������������� 4
� Q-2-
� Q-3-
� Q-4-
Exercise 04: Complete the following conversation.
B: I live in Oran.
B: I am sixteen years old.
B: Of course, I go to school
B: My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Physics and Biology.
SECTION THREE: Written Expression.�������������������������������������������������
�����������** Using the information the table below, write a paragraph in which you describe �Mary�.
Full Name:
Likes & dislikes:
Mary Hawkins
Long curly fair.
Light blue
Shop assistant
Music, TV. Video games, reading.
Generous and helpful.
** To be done at home