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Simple past tense

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Simple past tense

1.I Adam and her sister two days ago.

2.They the jumping race last year.

3. We basketball last week.

4. May a new cassette recorder last month.

5.He a fish yesterday.

6. Mr. Chan the music club two years ago.

7. Ben in the United States in the past.

8. I at the hospital two hour ago.

9. It heavily last night.

10. We Rose in town a few days ago.

11. We to the cinema three times last week.

12. Tom his key yesterday.

13. She a lot of work last night.

14. Peter home after the party last night.

15. Ann television a lot when she was ill last year.

16. They their grandfather two days before.

17. Tommy  me fifty dollars yesterday.

18. I John in the park last week.

19. Susan well yesterday.

20. It Dad birthday yesterday.