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describing their house

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              Describing their homes...    


Fill the gaps.  Choose the right word.


          floor -  Apartment - room  - House  -  Building

           restaurants -  Old House  -   garden   -   sofa


1.- My family lives on the first  of a house. My aunt lives on the second floor, but they
        are not very quiet!.
2.- My  is very big. It has two rooms and a medium kitchen.  It doesn`t have a bedroom,
     so I sleep on the .
3.- I live in an  downtown.  It's on the sixth floor of a nice  .  I have a great view
     of the  city.  There are a lot of stores and .
4.- My family and I live in an  in the country.  We have a big too.  We like it a lot!.

Now Complete with the right name of each house.