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The plural of nouns

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Grammar revision

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PLURAL NOUNS (regular and irregular)
Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 822

Grammar revision * KEY included*
Level: elementary
Age: 11-17
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PLurals - Regular and Irregular - Elementary - 2 pgs - key included
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
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The plural form ; regular and irregular
Level: elementary
Age: 13-17
Downloads: 414





1. Watch the video about Plurals.
2. Most nouns: Add "s" to form the plural.

apple ball
heart house
carrot balloon
3. Most nouns that end in: ch, sh, s, x, zz- Add "es" to form the plural.
bus fox
church dish
buzz of a bee of bees box
4. Most nouns that end in: consonant + y - "y" becomes "ies"
baby family
5. Most nouns that end in:vowel + y - add "s"
key boy
6. Some nouns change sounds in the plural. Choose the correct option.
man woman tooth
child foot ox
mouse goose louse
7. Words ending with "f" or "fe". Change f to v and add s.
wolf half
leaf knife
shelf loaf
8. Most nouns that end in: "o" - Add "s"
radio piano
9. Somenouns that end in: "o" - Add "es"
potato tomato
10. Some nouns do not change in the plural.
deer moose
sheep fish
by Anna Pessa





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