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Direct speech and reported speech

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                             Direct  speech and reported speech

Ex. 1  Turn into reported speech.
1 “It’s hot”                                        Tom said that
2 “I have done my homework.”        Tom said that
3 “I  will give you a book”                Tom said that
4 “Do you smoke?”.                           Tom asked me if
5 “Where does Bob live?”                 Tom asked me where
6 “ Jane has not arrived yet”        Tom told us that
7 "I’m very worried”                        Tom told us that
8 “I want to go away”.                      Tom told us that
9 “You should eat less.”                   The doctor told me that
10 “Don’t shout”                               The teacher told me 
Ex 2 Turn into direct speech.
1 Mary said she was very tired.   Mary said:""
2 The teacher told the boys to open their books.    The teacher said to the boys: "  "
3 Tom's mother told him not to eat any icecream.   Tom's mother said to Tom: ""
4 My friend said that he was going  skiing at the weekend. My friend said: " at the weekend." 
5 Bob's mates told the teacher that Bob was ill that day. Bob's mates said: "Teacher,   today"
6 Mary told Jane she would help her .    Mary said to Jane:" "
7 I said I would have bought a new car if I had had the money. I said: ""
8 My father told me to look for a job if I wanted more money .    My father said:" "
9 Tim wrote to his brother that their cat had died that day. Tim wrote to his brother: " "
10 The teacher informed the students that the break lasted ten minutes.                The teacher said to the students:""
Ex. 3 Turn the following questions into reported speech.
1 "Where do you live?"                                                       Mary asked Tom .
2 "How are you going to travel to Italy?"                      Mary asked Tom .
3 "Why did you buy that book?"                                                   Mary asked Tom
4 "What's the time?"                                                                        Mary asked Tom
5 "Who helped you with your work?"                                          Mary asked Tom .
EX. 4 Choose the right option
1 I  her not to disturb me.
2 My friend never  me about his plans.
3 The teacher  that we had to study harder.
4 Don't  me what I have to do.
5 He didn't  why he was late.