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Susan at the supermarket
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Conversation Corner - At the Market
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Sarah goes shopping at the supermarket
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At the Supermarket
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At the supermarket
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At the supermarket   Tongue

1.- Solve the crossword puzzle.- *box, jar, dozen, gallon, bag, bottle, pund, package, liter*
3 9

Shopping list!

  1.- a ______ of meat.
  2.- a ______ of eggs.
  3.- a ______ of rice.
  4.- a ______ of potato ships.
  5.- a ______ of milk.
  6.- a ______ of water.
  7.- a ______ of soft drink.
  8.- a ______ of cereal.
  9.- a ______ of jelly. 
2.- Write the correct option inside the box.-
3.- Choose the correct option to complete the conversation.-
CLERK.- Good morning! Mrs. Walters.
CLIENT.- Good morning, Sam. Can I have a  of meat. and a  of chesse? please.
CLERK.- Of, course. Anything else?
CLIENT.- Yes, give me a  of eggs, a  of syrup, a  of potato ships
and a  of beans.
CLERK.- Here you are.
CLIENT.- Thank you, Sam.
4.-   AT HOME.- Susan and her mother are making a shopping list to go to the Supermarket.
Can you help them?
SUSAN.- Mom, There isn't any     .
MRS. REYNOLDS.- Oh! But there is some  in the fridge.
SUSAN.- But, I don't like it! Is there any  ?
MRS. REYNOLDS.- No, there isn't.
SUSAN.- There are some  . Can you buy a   of sugar?
MRS. REYNOLDS.- Yes, look in the fridge and write a shopping list, please?
SUSAN.- There are a lot of   but there aren't any vegetables.
5.- Thick the correct option.
1.-              slice of bread             loaf of bread
2.-              package of toilet paper  roll of toilet paper
3.-              box of green grapes    bunch of green grapes
4.-              tube of toothpaste       carton of toothpaste
5.-                jar of cereal                box of cereal
                                                                EXCELLENT JOB!