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Action Words

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Use the following words to fill in the blanks to complete the sentences.
cleaning, digging, walking, reading, talking, writing, eating, cooking, driving, playing, sleeping, waking,  buying, riding, drawing, dancing, brushing, jumping, playing.
The boy is  his teeth.      The chef is  dinner.   
The man is  on the phone .    He is  the window.       
The boy is  soccer.    The bus driver is  the bus.  
The lady is  .      The boy is  a hole.       He is  .     
She is  a book.    The man is  with a cane.  
The girl is just  up.     The lady is something from the shop.   
The girl is  a sandwich.       He is  a picture.   
The little boy is  with the blocks.   Someone is  a note.  
The girl is  a bike.   The people are  .
Fill in the blanks
Trinh was  in his bed. His mum walked into his  and told him to  up. He got out of bed and
 to the kitchen for his  . He had   with peanut butter.  When he finished breakfast
he went to the  to  his teeth.