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Types of Sentences and Punctuation

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Have / Has
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SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT�The verb must always agree with the subject. This worksheet focuses on �When, Why & How� to make the subject agree with the verb�((definitions, 80 sentences & 1 exercise to complete))�elementar y/intermediate�((B&W VERSION INCLUDED))
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Subject-Verb Agreement
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Make these words into sentences.Match the words below with words from the Words Box.


taste good

The water

A little girl

1.������ The egg sandwiches .

2.������ The dog .

3.������ likes to read books about castles.

4.������ is salty.

Write sentence if the group of words is a sentence.Write not a sentence if it is not a sentence.

5.������ Four puppets on strings.

6.������ One puppet had green hair.

7.���� Many people came to the show.

8.������ On the stage.

Write statement if the sentence tells something.Write question if the sentence asks something.

9.������ Dinosaurs lived long ago.

10.���� How big were they?

11.���� Karen read a story about dinosaurs.

12.���� Where did she get the book?

Write each sentence.Use the correct end mark.

13.���� A tiger is a wild cat

14.���� It has tan fur with black stripes

15.���� What is a tiger

16.���� How fast does a tiger run

Write command if the sentence tells someone what to do.Write exclamation if the sentence shows strong feeling.

17.���� Bring the hammer.�����������

18.���� Ouch!������������������������������

19.���� Count the boards.�������������

20.���� Carry the wood.���������������

Select�the subject of the sentence.

21.���� The weather is warm.�

22.���� Majid washed the car.

23.���� Dogs played behind a rock.

24.���� She laughs.

Underline the predicate of the sentence.

25.���� The sky looks dark.

26.���� The sun shines again.

27.���� The storm is over quickly.�

28.���� All the people clap.