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Possessive determiners and pronouns

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Possessive determiners and pronouns
A-Fill in the gaps with my, your, his, her, its, our or their.
1- Mr. Brown has got a new car. colour is red.
2- 'Where is Sue?' 'She's washing  hands.'
3-Peter is doing  homework.
4-My brother and I are tidying  things.
5-They are going to the cinema tonight. They have already got  tickets.
6-'What are you doing?' 'I'm helping  friends.´
7-Don't forget to take  raincoat. It's raining cats and dogs.
B-Choose the right possessive pronoun.
1-Philip has got a lot of books. They are _________
his  hers  theirs
2-Jane, is this money _________?
hers  its  yours
3-Whose hat is this? It's my sister's hat. It's ________
mine   yours  hers
4-This is my book, where is _________?
yours   ours  its
5-These are the pupils' bikes. They're_______
his  hers   theirs
C-Complete the sentences using a possessive determiner or pronoun.
1- 'I can't find  umbrella. Can I borrow ?' 'Of course, take it.´
2-We live in this house. It's .
3-Tom has taken  car to the garage to be repaired.
4-I share the bedroom with  sister.  room is very cosy.
5-The teacher is angry because the students haven't done  homework.
6-I have my passport but Jane has lost . She needs to take a new one to go with me on holiday.