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Winnie the Witch - reading comprehension

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 Have fun listenning to the story of Winnie the Witch.
How did Winnie's house look at the beginning of the story?   Fill in the blanks.
Winnie lived in a  house in the . The house was black on the  and black on the . The  were black, the  were black.  The  was black and it had black  and black . Even the  was black! Winnie lived in her black  with her  Wilbur.
Choose the correct option:
Why could Winnie see Wilbur when he sat on a black chair?
1. Wilbur meowed loudly to show Winnie that he was on the chair.
2. Winnie could see Wilbur's green eyes.
3. Wilbur wagged his tail all the time.
How did the trouble begin?
1. Wilbur was a mean old cat and ruined all Winnie's magic potions.
2. Wilbur wanted Winnie to find another pet to keep him company.
3. Wilbur was black and Winnie tripped over him when he slept on the black carpet.
After a nasty fall, what did Winnie decide to do?
1. She sent him to her cousin Willow.
2. Winnie turned Wilbur into a bright green cat.
3. Winnie turned Wilbur into a black owl.
Why did Winnie send Wilbur outside?
1. Wilbur slept on her black bed, which he was not allowed to do.
2. Winnie wanted to be alone in the house.
3. Wilbur wanted to go outside to play on the grass.
Why was Winnie furious?
1. She saw Wilbur chasing butterflies.
2. She could not see the green cat on the grass and tripped over him.
3. Wilbur wanted to play in the forest.
What did Winnie do after falling into a rose bush? 
1. She laughed.
2. She decided to pick some roses to decorate her house.
3. She picked up her magic wand and waved it 5 times.
What happened to Wilbur?
1. He became a colourful cat.
2. He ran away.
3. He turned into a frog.
Did Wilbur like being colourful?
1. Wilbur loved his new colours!
2. Wilbur thought he was funny and laughed.
3. Wilbur knew that he was ridiculous and was very unhappy.
What did Wilbur do?
1. He climbed to the top of the tallest tree to hide.
2. He wanted to show his new colours to his friends.
3. He ran back inside.
How did Winnie solve the problem?
1. Winnie decided to turn Wilbur into a white owl.
2. Winnie left Wilbur on the tree.
3. Winnie turned Wilbur into a black cat and changed her whole house which is now very colourful and cheerful.  
                                                                                                                                                                                   Good Luck!
                                                                                                                                                                                            Anna Pessoa