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Past simple tense worksheet preview
Past simple tense

Past Simple Tense worksheet preview
Past Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense - Worksheet worksheet preview
Past Simple Tense - Worksheet

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Past v Present Perfect Tense

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Past Simple practice

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Past simple
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Past Simple

Choose the correct form of the verbs:

1.- When my mother?
2.- They the accident from their terrace.
3.- They the vase! It me!
4.- They two new lamps, so they to the shop in the corner to buy them.
5.- When I , they at home.
6.- my letter from France?
7.- They the truth because they afraid of your reaction.
8.- She at six with her new boyfriend.
9.- They a lot of exams last week and they time to play computer games
10.- Sally down from the stairs and she her leg.

Fill in the gaps with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1.- She (forget) the password and they (not can) open the safe.
2.- Why (not be) you at home last night?
3.- We (see) the cat when we (arrive) at home.
4.- (you/close) the window when you (leave) the classroom?
5.- Ray (fail) the exam, so he (not be) very happy.
6.- She (feel) ill during the class, and the teacher (let) her go home.

Tick the correct sentences.

1.- She didnít bought the bread yesterday.
2.- I hadnít enough money to pay the concert tickets.
3.- Did you know that Sally was my sister?
4.- We heard a noise in the middle of the night.
5.- My parents wasnít very happy with my exam results.
6.- The teacher told the students to sit down.
7.- They never didnít receive the money that they needed.
8.- She didnít ate her breakfast this morning.
9.- Where did you buy these jeans?
10.- Was Paul in the library when you went there?





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