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Fill in the blanks with present simple and present continuous. Pay attention to stative.
Dear Ruth,

My name is Mary and I’m thirteen years old. I  (write) to you because I’ve got a really big problem and I    (need) your advice. It’s about a boy from school, Nick. He’s a good looking and fun and fun-loving boy and we (have) a great time together, but my mum __(not/like) him at all. The truth is that Nick isn’t a very good student. He (not/study) very hard but he (dance) very well and he (play) the guitar beautifully. In fact, he (play) with his group at a pub these days. Mum (not/want) me to be friends with Nick. You see, Mum always  (complain) that I can’t choose the right friends. So, dear Ruth,here is the photograph of Nick. you (understand) why my mum doesn’t like him? How can I make her change her mind?

Please help me!



) Correct the mistakes you find in the following sentences

11 I´m hoping that you pass your English exam.

22 I´m hating Maths so much this year.

43 I´m understanding the lesson very good today.

54 This soup is tasting awful.

75  I am realize that I have  to do a lot of homework now.

86  Do you believe that man?