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The newest adventure of Indiana Jones - movie trailer

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Watch the trailer of the newest Indiana Jones  adventure.
Now, check the appropriate answers.
 1. What is the legend about?
  1.        The legend is about a city of gold.
  2.        The legend is about a skull made of solid gold.
  3.        The legend is about a crystal skull.


2. The .........

     ... city of gold was invaded by the Soviets.

     ... crystal skull was stolen. 

     ... skull was broken.

 3. Which sentence is true?

      The object belongs to Marshall College.
      The object was lost in the Amazon.
      The object was stolen from a city in the Amazon.
 4. Who was in charge of this object?
      The living-dead.
      Indiana Jones.
      The Soviet Army.
5. What will happen to the one who returns this object?
     He/She will receive $1,000.
     He/She will be given control of its power.
     He/She will be given a scholarship to Marshall College.
6. What does the woman want?
     She wants to know Indy better.
     She wants to control Indy.
     She wants Indy to help her find the object.
7. What advice does Indy give to his young friend?
     Don't touch anything.
     Don't wait for me.
     Don't take anything.