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To Be - Interrogative particles - Subject Pronouns

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1. Choose the right form of the verb "To Be":
  1.  in the classroom today.
  2.  your sister?
  3.  cousins.
  4.  in the office on Saturdays.
  5.  at home now?
  6.  in Europe.
  7.  in Great Britain.
  8. How old ? Pamela  14 years old.
  9.  your car? No, . My car  red.
  10.  a great football team?
  11.  the capital of England.
  12. My friends  Germany. They speak German.
  13. Your brother  very tall. He is 1.90 cms high!! 
2. Write the right form of the verb "To Be":
  1. The dinosaur  green. It  purple. 
  2. The frog  very rich.
  3. The boys  under the snow.
  4. The chick  very big.
  5. The man and the woman  very happy today.
  6. The language teacher  blond.
  7. The baby  in the kitchen. He  in the bathroom.
  8. The man  relaxed. He  very tired.
  9. They  thin. They  very very very fat.  
3. Tell which of the following sentences is correct. Tick the corresponding box.
  1. I amnot in the garden.      I am not in the garden.       I'mn't in the garden.         I' am not in the garden.
  2. Your parents are very tall?    Is your parents very tall?    Your parents aren't very tall.     Your parents isn't very tall.
  3. The babies're not very small.    Isn't the babies very small?.    Is the babies very small?   The babies are very small. 
  4. My exam is very easy.      My exam isnot very easy.      Are my exam very easy?.      Aren't my exam very easy?.
  5. The computers isn't broken.   The computers is broken.  Are the computers broken?.  The computers is not broken.
  6. The child are in his room.   The child is in his room. The child'snot in his room.  The child aren't in his room.
4. Find 6 interrogative particles and write them in the correct sentence:
  1.  old are you?
  2.  are you from?
  3.  is your name?
  4.  is your birthday?
  5. are you ? I'm Patrick.
  6.  card do you prefer? 

5. Write the pronouns for these nouns as in the example:

Example: The man is at University = He

  1. My friends are not in their houses. =
  2. The dog is very nice. =
  3. The woman is really pretty. =
  4. The cats are in the basquet. =
  5. Those flowers aren't very big. =
  6. The pencil is really sharp. =
  7. You and I are not in the same classroom.=
  8. Sam and Paul aren't my brothers.=
  9. My mum and my dad are good to me.=
  10. My dog isn't very young. =
  11. The monster is green.=
  12. The frogs are in the pond. =
  13. Peter is my friend. =
  14. Sophie isn't my cousin. =
  15. My mother and I are very tall.=