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The definite article "The" .

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The definite article "The"

Choose the right answer:-
1) Last year we visited ---- St. Paul's Cathedral .
x                      The             
2) ---- Mount Everest is ----- highest mountain on earth.
1-  x                  the
2-  the                 x
3) Loch Ness is -------most famous lake in Scotland.
        x                        the
4) ------most children like sweets.
         the                         x
5) ------summer of 1996 was hot and dry.
   The                                 x
6) ------ Plaza Hotel is on the corner of  59th Street and  5th Avenue.
       The                              x
7) My sister often stays at ------ Uncle Tim's in Detroit.
   the                                       x
8) Our friends ------ Millers moved to Florida last August.
     x                                           the
9) Smog is a problem in -------big cities.
            x                                   the
10) Our children go to --------- school by bus.
         the                x