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Adjectives+ preposition

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Adjectives+ Preposition

Match the adjectives in A with the preposition in B and then use them to complete the sentences.
                              A                               B
                         interested                       of
                         good                              of
                         frightened                      at
                         keen                               in
                         responsible                     for
                         tired                               on
1-I'm fairlyClapwater-skiing ,but my brother is brilliant.
2-I'm not at all Disapprove seeing the Olympics on TV-I find the whole thing very boring.
3-Don't worry about being Broken Hearthurting yourself; all high divers are-you've just got to control the fear.
4-As the captin  ,I'm oganizing matches and making sure we have enough players.
5-I'm getting really  hearing about how well you played. Can't you talk about something else for a change?
6-Alice is very ice-skating,so we think we might buy her some skates of her own.Star
1- good at
2-interested in
3- frightened of
4-responsible for
5-tired of
6-keen on