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Aswan Dam, The (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane

First/Second Year Students

Technological/Technical Streams 2004/2005

Practice: ASWAN DAM

Read the following text carefully then do the activities below.
Egypt, which has very little rainfall, has  always depended for its exis­tence on water brought by the Nile from the distant uplands of Abyssinia and Central Africa. During the summer the flow of the Nile is very low. Therefore it was necessary to build a dam across the Nile. This dam would form a reservoir in which part of the winter wa­ters could be stored and then released to the farmers’ fields during the summer by a system of irrigation canals.
So, between 1899 and 1902, the Egyptians built a dam, which they called “The Aswan Dam”. It was about 917 km south of Cairo. Between 1929 and 1933, the dam was heightened. It was then 34.4 m high and 2.1 km long. As the population grew, the demand for water continued to increase. So, further conservation of the flood waters of the Nile was essential. In 1959, the construction of the “Saad-El-Aali (High Aswan Dam) was begun and was completed by 1969.
The new dam is sited nearly 6.4 km south of the original Aswan Dam. It is built of sand, clay, and rockfill, and is 111 m high and 3.8 km long. It is one of the largest dams in the world. The reservoir, 500 km long and an average of 8 km wide, is large enough to store a high Nile flood of one year against the possibility of a low flood in the succeeding year.
The High Aswan Dam is a very good example of man's constant efforts to overcome unfavorable natural conditions. It has helped develop the coun­try's agriculture by increasing the area of cultivated land by about 30%.
Oxford Junior Encyclopedia (Volume 8)
SECTION ONE: Comprehension.                                                               
Exercise 01: Complete the following table.
Dam Name:
Built Date:
1- Aswan Dam
2- Saad-El-Aali
Exercise 02: Find in the text words or expressions that are opposite in meaning to the following.
1-a lot of  §1      =/=  
2-high §1            =/=  
3-stopped §2      =/=  
Exercise 03: What do the underlined words in the text refer to?
1-…which… §1    =>
2-…it… §2            =>
3-…it… §3            =>
Exercise 04: Answer the following questions according to the text using full sententences.
1-How far is the High Aswan Dam from Cairo?
2-Did the cultivated land augment after the High Aswan Dam was built?
SECTION Two: Mastery of language.                                                         
Exercise 01: Match the shapes and their correct names.
1 -
2 -
3 -
Exercise 02: Every sentence contains one and one mistake only. Spot the mistake then write the sentence correctly.
1-The setsquare is the shape of a triangle.
2-The volley-ball has a wide of 21.65 cm.
3-The shoes they are made of leather.
Exercise 03: Complete sentence “B” so that it means the same as sentence “A”.
1-A-The dice is shaped like a cube.
1-B-  shape.
2-A-The Nile River is 6,670 Km long.
2-B-  length.
3-A-The Gisa Great Pyramid in Egypt is 146 m high.
3-B-  has .
Exercise 04: Ask an appropriate question about what is underlined in the sentence.
1-It was built of sand, clay and rockfill.
2-The new dam is situated 6.4 Km south of the Aswan Dam.
SECTION Three: Written Expression.                                                       
Look carefully at the picture below then fill in the blanks in the following paragraph with one word so that it makes sense.
A drum is a musical . It  always shaped like a  . Drums are of different  . Some are , some are very big. A drum consists of two membranes  a shell. The membranes are generally  of leather. The  is usually made of wood.