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Verb to be

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     Fill is, am, are in the blank.
         1.  John   at the office.
         2.  They   Mary's books.
         3.  It  Jill's cup.
         4.  We   at school.
         5.  Children   playing in a field.
         6.  Julia   a beautiful woman.
         7.  Flowers  in a vase.
         8.  I  hungry.
         9. Water  dirty.
       10. Ice  cold.
       11. Coffee  hot.
       12. The oxen in my field  fat.
       13. Police  over there.
       14. Milk  important for everyone.
       15. Someone  outside.
       16. Some men  not polite.
       17. Paper  on the desk.
       18. Kate and I  happy today.
       19. I  twenty years old.
       20. Thailand  in Asia.