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Question words

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Question words
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                    Fill How much or How many in the blank.
        1.  sugar do you have?
          2.  books are there on the table?
          3.  students are there in your class?
          4.  salt is there?
          5.  soup do you need?
          6.  pencils do you have?
          7.  milk do you want to buy?              
          8.  children are outside?
          9.  coffee does Mary drink?
         1o.  paper do you need?
         11.  carrots are over there?
         12.  bread do you eat?
         13.  plates are there in the cupboard?
         14.  women are swimming in the pool?
         15.  orange juice do you drink?
         16.  ice cream does a boy need?
         17.  butter is there in the fridge?
         18.  pepper does your father need?
         19.  newspapers does your father read in a week?
         20.  hospitals are there in this town?