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Animal Love

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Animal Love Vocabulary Quiz

Instructions:  Two words are missing in each sentence below.  Choose from the 4 words in bold under each sentence and fill in the blanks with two of those words.  Sometimes two words will fit into one space.  Be sure to write both words and separate them with a comma.

1.  Both  of a penguin chick  the responsibility of feeding and taking care of their young.
             feed                   share               respond       parents
2.  The strongest mature male and  wolves keep the same  for life.
             attention           partner           mate              female
3.       Male sea lions are not  to their mates.  They have a whole  of partners.
             harem               attraction        loyal          attention
4. One way that lizards  a partner is by doing push ups to attract their  
              attract              court                attention      responsibility
5. Zebras and elephants live in  but wolves live in . 
              pairs                 packs                herds             partners
6.   Females are only   to the   of males of the same kind of animal.    
              respond          responsive       court              courting