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My City!

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In my town there is ...
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In my town there is ...
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������������������������������������������������������ ��
����� 1.-�Write the correct preposition.-� (far from - near from� - beside -�behind -�between -�����������������������������������������������������������������across from)
��������Where is the police station?
����� The police station is the bank and the store.
����� Where is the movie theater?
����� The movie theater is �the restaurant.
����� Where is the store?
������The store is��the police station.
����� Where is the train station?
������The train station is �the bank.
����� Where is the hospital?
������The hospital is� �the church.
������Where is the school?
������The�school is �the drugstore.
������2.- Solve the wordsearch.- There are 15 places.

�� 3.- Choose the correct option from the box.-
�������������� Today is your birthday, you invited Sarah, and you are giving her directions to get to your home.-
�������������� You.- Hi! Sarah, What are you doing tonight?
��������������� Sarah.- Nothing, Why?
��������������� You.- Because, today is my birthday, and I'm having a party. Do you want to come?
����������������Sarah.- Great! Where do you live?
��������������� You.- Ok, from your house, Walk straight ahead on Broadway Street, then turn
�������������������������� right on First Avenue, walk two blocks, my house is on the corner of First
�������������������������� Avenue and Central Street.
��������������� WHICH ONE�IS MY HOUSE?��
����������� 4.- Choose the correct option from the box.-
������������The restaurant is between the�bank and the hotel.����
������������ The school is in front of the police station.����������������
������������ The supermarket is across from the train station.����
�������������YOU ARE AT THE X POINT.- Follow the directions and write the name of�the
�������������place inside the box, use the names of the places above.
��������������Walk straight one block, turn left on Apple Street, it's on the corner of Apple
��������������� Street and First Avenue.
�������������� Walk straight ahead on Second Avenue, turn left on Main Street, walk�one block,
���������������get to the train�station and cross the street.�
��������������� Walk straight, turn left on Apple Street walk�for one�block, then
���������������� turn right and walk one block on First Ave., then turn�right on Main street. It's�
���������������� next to the�the bank .
������������� ���
����������������5.-� Help the driver get where he wants.- Write true, if the direction is correct
���������������������� or false if the direction is incorrect.
��������������������� Excuse me. How do I get to the cinema?
��������������������� It's easy. First, go straight, �turn right, �turn left,
��������������������� then, drive for�one block, �two blocks.�
��������������������� After that, �turn right, �turn left�and �drive for two
��������������������� blocks, �three blocks.
��������������������� Finally, �turn left, �turn right and the cinema is �across from,
������������������������� �behind the castle.