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My City!

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In my town there is ...
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In my town there is ...
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      1.- Write the correct preposition.-  (far from - near from  - beside - behind - between -                                                                 across from)
        Where is the police station?
      The police station is the bank and the store.
      Where is the movie theater?
      The movie theater is  the restaurant.
      Where is the store?
      The store is  the police station.
      Where is the train station?
      The train station is  the bank.
      Where is the hospital?
      The hospital is   the church.
      Where is the school?
      The school is  the drugstore.
      2.- Solve the wordsearch.- There are 15 places.


   3.- Choose the correct option from the box.-
               Today is your birthday, you invited Sarah, and you are giving her directions to get to your home.-
               You.- Hi! Sarah, What are you doing tonight?
                Sarah.- Nothing, Why?
                You.- Because, today is my birthday, and I'm having a party. Do you want to come?
                Sarah.- Great! Where do you live?
                You.- Ok, from your house, Walk straight ahead on Broadway Street, then turn
                           right on First Avenue, walk two blocks, my house is on the corner of First
                           Avenue and Central Street.
                WHICH ONE IS MY HOUSE?  
            4.- Choose the correct option from the box.-
            The restaurant is between the bank and the hotel.    
             The school is in front of the police station.                
             The supermarket is across from the train station.    
             YOU ARE AT THE X POINT.- Follow the directions and write the name of the
             place inside the box, use the names of the places above.
              Walk straight one block, turn left on Apple Street, it's on the corner of Apple
                Street and First Avenue.
               Walk straight ahead on Second Avenue, turn left on Main Street, walk one block,
               get to the train station and cross the street. 
                Walk straight, turn left on Apple Street walk for one block, then
                 turn right and walk one block on First Ave., then turn right on Main street. It's 
                 next to the the bank .
                5.-  Help the driver get where he wants.- Write true, if the direction is correct
                       or false if the direction is incorrect.
                      Excuse me. How do I get to the cinema?
                      It's easy. First, go straight,  turn right,  turn left,
                      then, drive for  one block,  two blocks. 
                      After that,  turn right,  turn left and  drive for two
                      blocks,  three blocks.
                      Finally,  turn left,  turn right and the cinema is  across from,
                           behind the castle.