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Shakespeare in Love

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(by John Madden)

    released in 1998     


 I Watch the trailer :        
II Complete the text with what you can hear in the trailer :
Young  Shakespeare is having 
His last two  flopped.
The  is about to go bankrupt.......and the  are moving in.
The last thing he needs   is a nasty case of writer's
Enter his very own
Miramax Films and Universal Pictures present :
 of errors.
III Listen to the excerpts from the film and check whether the following sentences are right or wrong :
a) When it is finished, Shakespeare's play is entitled "Romeo and the Pirate's daughter" :  
b) Shakespeare's sweetheart is married to Wessex :
c) The young woman loves poetry :
IV In the text in exercise II, find the synonymes of the following words :
a) ruined
b) failed
c) brigands
d) spectacles