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Some or Any

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 Some or Any

                     1.  Don't pour me  coffee.
                   2.  She doesn't want  oranges.
                   3.  There are  rich men in this village.
                   4.  He made  mistakes in spelling. 
                   5.  We don't need  more chairs in this room.
                   6.  Do you want  salt?  No, thank you.
                   7.  I haven't  money. I can buy nothing.
                   8.  Are there  apples in the fridge?
                   9.  John hasn't got  posters.
                 10.  Kate has got  badges.
                 11.  Have you got  records?
                 12.  We have  models in the box in the cupboard.
                 13.  I'd like  cheese and biscuits.
                 14.  Has he got  foreign stamps?
                 15.  There's  bread for breakfast?
                 16.  Does she have  money?
                 17.  She will buy  new clothes.
                 18.  There are  potatoes in the refrigerator.
                 19.  There are  books on the shelf.
                 20.  Are there  posters on the wall?