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25 Gap fills on Prepositions

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  1. Don’t give  I know you will find the way out.
  2. After he had called me, we went to the cinema.
  3. All children look to Christmas as they get a lot of presents.
  4. All this information is relevant this agreement.
  5. Are you familiar this document?
  6. Are you interested mathematics?
  7. Are you ready your test?
  8. Are you sure that your comments are relevant the case?
  9. As soon as he had recovereda serious disease he went back to work.
  10. Before agreeing the price, you should find what is included it.
  11. Brian never agrees his wife.
  12. Can you communicate the children of your age in English?
  13. Are you readythe trip?                    
  14. Catherine is good  drawing animals.       
  15. Children always respondkindness.
  16. Children can count their parents.
  17. Children like taking partdifferent competitions.          
  18. Children relyhelp too.
  19. Do you believe fairytales?
  20. Do you know that to putmeans not only to get your closes on, but also to imitate?
  21. Do you really believe such kind stories?
  22. Doctors talkthe patients about their health problems.