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Mysteries of Anatomy

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Mysteries of Anatomy

Guess the missing words in the following poem about the human body.

Where can a man buy a for his knee,
Or the key to a of his hair?
Can his eyes be called an academy
Because there are there?

Is the of your head where jewels are found?
Who travels the of your nose?
If you wanted to shingle the of your mouth,
Would you use the on your toes?

Can you sit in the shade of the of your hand,
Or beat on the of your ear?
Can the in your leg eat the off your toe?
Then why not grow corn on the ear?

Can the in your elbow be sent to jail?
If so, just what did he do?
How can you sharpen your shoulder ?
I'll be darned if I know - do you?

Write in the parts of the body that the following definitions refer to. N.B. You can use the poem as a cheat sheet. Wink

the circular black area in the centre of your eye, through which light enters

upper surface of the mouth

a thin piece of skin inside the ear that moves backwards and forwards very quickly when 10 sound waves reach it, allowing you to hear sounds

the thick curved part at the back of the human leg between the knee and the foot

a large, flat bone on each side of your back below your shoulder

the top part of the nose

a small group of hairs, especially a curl

a thin hard area that covers the upper side of the end of each finger and each toe

the top part of a head

the inside part of your hand from your wrist to the base of your fingers

the inside part of your arm where it bends

the bone at the front of the knee joint

a small painful area of hard skin that forms on the foot, especially on the toes