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The Burglary - Past Progressive exercise

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The Burglary
A burgler broke into Mr. and Mrs Carlson's mansion at 12 in the afternoon.  They had many guest at the mansion at that time.  What was everyone doing?
Mr. Robinson in the music room.
Mr. and Mrs Thompson  in the music room.
Jessica Robinson and Mary Jones a sandwich in the kitchen
George Thompson and Ester Carlson  a soda in the garden.
Mrs Robinson  a letter to her sister about the weekend.
Harriet Long  in the garden.
Susie Long  to her friend in Long Beach, California.
Mrs. Long and the Carlsons  in the living room.
The baby  in his crib.
The Carlson's chef  dinner.
The Carlson's maid in the kitchen.
I and Tommy, Larry, Bill, Janice, Judy, Daniel and Lynn  in the basketball court.
No one saw the burgler when he broke into the mansion at 12 in the afternoon.