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Listening: My Lucky Day

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Listening: My Lucky Day

Watch the video and choose or fill in the missing words

Today seems like my day with everything I do
It off this morning when I to tie my
And what do you suppose I on the ground right by my side?
A lucky four-leaf coming through

Tick the extra words in the Chorus

Everything is going on my way and I do feel inclined to say
That today is my only lucky day

I my Daddy's and I it in the dirt
I that clover gently out so it would not be
Then in that hole, beside a , I a lucky 's foot
and it in the pocket of my


I a little deeper, I was almost underground
I kind of to laugh at the of lucky charms I'd
was more cool stuff down deep among some
A shoe, a lucky penny and a pair of lucky

They�re kind of dirty� I wonder if they�re still lucky if I wash them?


�Match the beginning and the end of the following lines.

Today must be my lucky day,������� �������������A� maybe this was not too wise

And if I keep on digging��������� ��������� ��B� I might even find some gold

But deeper on I realize,� ���������������C� I feel it in my soul

Now I'm stuck way������������� � ��������������D� down here in this hole

Aah, a little help here! Helloooo?!Anybody?Oh, no.. Maybe I should just keep digging, Maybe I�ll find a lucky umbrella. Come on, lucky umbrella!

(Two hours later.)

What? I don�t believe it. A lucky umbrella! Vow! All right.

Oh, come on�