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Complete the live news report. Put in will and the simple, continuous or perfect form of the verb.

The Quiz Marathon  (begin) in five minutes.  (it- be) a big test for the World Quiz Cahmpion, Claude Jennings,  (who-answer) questions from a group of quiz writers. Claude  ( answer) their questions for a very long time. In fact,  ( he-still- give) answers when the rest of us are in bed tonight. Claude hopes that after 24 hours  (he-reply) to about seventeen thousand questions. No meal breaks are planned, so  ( he-not-eat) anything. If all goes well, his name  (be) in the next Guinness Book of Records. Claude has also got a number of sponsors, and by tomorrow  ( he/ earn) at least 10,000 pounds for charity. Well,  ( we/return) this afternoon for news of how Claude is getting on. We think that by then  (he- get) some way past the five thousands questions.
                                                                       GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
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