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Simple past, Polite Requests, Personal Pronouns

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Simple Past -- Polite Requests -- Using Pronouns

Fill in the gaps with the right word. Choose from the list below and write the past form.
My parents  married in 1988.
I  born on 31st January, 1990.
I  up in a small town. We  in a big house and we  three dogs.
I  school when I  5 years old.
We  to California when I was 16 years old.
move        be(2x)          start            live              grow            have              get
Read the dialogue and write in the missing words
Denis: Hello Tracy. Did you get my e-mail  the bungee jump?                                       
Tracy: Yes, I did. I  it a  of days ago. What  you jump ?
Denis: A bridge. It was  a river.                                                                              
Tracy: Oh, mega! Was it ? Did you enjoy ?
Denis: Yes, I did. It  brilliant.                                                                        
Tracy: Were scared? 
Denis: Well, I was a  scared before I jumped for the  time.
Tracy: The first time??? How  times did you  it?
Denis: Three.
Tracy: Wow!
good       off         you      many     about      it          bit      was        do       couple        did       over        got          first
Read the  situations and write polite requests. Choose expressions from the list below.
Example: It's cold in the room. COULD YOU close the window, PLEASE?
a) It's hot in the room.
b) Someone is speaking too fast.
c) You want to go into town to do the shopping, but you have missed the bus.
d) You didn't hear the teacher's question.
e) You can't relax, because the music, coming from your brother's room, is too loud.
give me a lift;    repeat it;    close the window;     open the window;   turn the radio down;   speak more slowly;  switch on the TV;  give me a bus
Replace the repeated names with pronouns.
EXAMPLE: Mary lives in Hungary. Mary is 12 years old.
                                                         She   is 12 years old.
a) David is a football player. David had a match yesterday.
b) Tom and Jerry don't like each other. Tom and Jerry are not friends.
c) The dog didn't eat the potato. The dog ate the meat.
d) My mum did the shopping on Friday. My mum usually does the shopping on Friday.
e) Molly and I are in class 7.  Molly and I go to Greenhill High School.