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Exercises for past tenses (Past Simple - Continuous - Perfect)

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Exercises on the Past Tenses


Complete the sentences using the Past Simple or the Past Continuous of the verbs in brackets:

     1.       May (finish) her homework; she (study) math when I came.

2.       Adam wanted to make two posters. He (make) the first poster on Saturday. He was (make) the second poster when his friends (arrive).

3.       The rain (start) while I (walk) home from school.

4.       I (see) an injured elephant while I (visit) the zoo.

5.       Pam and I (go) to a basketball match last week, the yellow team (lose) in the beginning of the match but by the end they (win) the game twenty five to twenty.

6.       The phone (ring) while I (eat) breakfast.

7.       When  Sara (finish) school, she (go) to study French in the university.

Sara is talking to her friend Lena about last night. Finish the conversation using the Past Simple or the Past Continuous:  

·         Sara: ' What time (you/get) home from school?

·         Lena: 'At four o'clock.'

·         Sara: ' What did you do when you (get) home?

·         Lena: 'I (eat) a sandwich, then I (take) a shower and when I (take) a shower the phone rang.

·         Sara: 'Oh yes, that was probably me, I (want) to ask you if you wanted to come over.

·         Lena: 'Well, Why (do/not/you) call me again?'

·         Sara: 'I didn't call because my mom (ask) me to go shopping with her. While we (shop) I saw a beautiful skirt in one of the shops.

·         Lena: 'Why (do/not/you) buy it?

·         Sara:'It was too expensive.'



Use the Past Perfect to complete the sentences: 

    1.       Last year my dad said: 'I've always wanted to buy a boat.'                                                                           
          Dad said that he

2.       Jill was talking to her brother and he said, 'Have you ever been to a soccer game?'    

          Jill's brother asked if she

3.       Mom said, ' Dad has just come home.'

Mom told us that dad

    4.       I know your dad,' said Mr. Abad. 'I met him in the university.'

Mr. Abad said he knew my dad because he