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Family members

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Let's practice the members of the family!         

1 8
9 5
Complete this crossword using the information given.
1. Your mom and dad
2. Your father and mother's daughter
3. Your mother's sister
4. Your uncle's son
5. Your father and mother's son
6. Your father's mother
7. Your mother's father
8. Your brother's son
9. Your brother's daughter
          1. My brother is a soccer fan.
                                              His     Her            
                                               favorite sport is soccer.
                                          2. My sister is a rock fan.
                                              His     Her
                                               favorite music is rock.
        3. My neighbor is a painter.
                                                His      Her
                                                 hobby is painting.
       4. My new frien Daniel is a nice surfer.
                                                 His      Her
                                                  favorite sport is surf.
Choose the correct word.