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Exercise 1 : Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in the box  to make a paragraph :
               carve   receive   celebrate   carry  be  go   call  
               leave   throw   wear    soap    play    put   say   
      At the end of October American children (1)  a strange holiday, Halloween. It (2) scary, but funny.

      They (3) a pumpkin and (4 ) a candle inside. It is a  kind of lamp and they (5) it "Jack o'lantern". They (6) it when they (7)  from door to door and (8)  "Trick or treat!"

     They (9) scary costumes of witches, goblins, vampires, bats. lf they (10) candy, they (11)  lf not, they (12) a trick: they (13) the windows or (14) the garbage in the garden.

Exercise 2 : Complete the following dialogue :

Ted:     Halloween ? 

Terry: It's on October 31st

Ted:What ?

Terry: They dress in scary costumes.

Ted:  ?

Terry: Witches, wizards, vampires.

Ted:  ?

Terry: They go from door to door, they knock and say: "Trick or treat? "

Ted:  ?

Terry: They give the children sweets .

Ted:  ?

Terry: The children play a trick on them.

Ted:  ?

Terry: It's a lamp made from a carved pumpkin and a candle.