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There is and there are with some/any/a/an

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1. Complete the gaps:

1.   carpets on the floor.
2.   window on the right.
3.   chairs around the table.
4.   children in the classroom.
5.   bike near the play corner.
6.   easel next to the sand tray.
7.   books on the shelf.
8.   water in the water tray.
9.   crayons near the window.
10.  5 red cushions on the floor.
11.   painting on the easel.
12.   big window in the play corner.
13.   toys on the table.
2. Correct the errors. Write the correct sentence in the long box below each sentence:
1. There isn't some water in the glass.
2. There are a 3 children talking with the teacher.
3. Are there some cars in the car park?
4. Is there any windows in this classroom?
5. There aren't some pencils in the pencilcase.
6. There is some people in the backyard.
7. There are any stickers in the album? (Question)
8. There is any parsley? (Question)
3. Write some/any/a/an in the following gaps. Look at Springfield's map and asnwer accordingly.
1. There are  people in the street.
2. There is  cinema on the right.
3. There isn't  internet café on the left.
4. There aren't  rivers running through the town centre.
5. There is  bar called Moe's.
6. There are  mountains in the horizon.
7. There are  parks.
4. Choose:
1.  an old man sitting on the bench in the park.
2.  some students playing football.
3.  any crayons on the desk.
4.  some books in the library.
5.  a laptop in the cupboard.
6.  an ice cream in the fridge.
7.  some women in the shoe shop.
8.  any students in the sports centre.
9.  some people near the stadium.