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Prepositions of Place

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�������������� ��������������
1.� Watch the video.
2. �Choose the correct option.
The fish�is��the tank.
�� ���� The man is�of the computer.
The hairdresser is��his client.
The frog is �a log.
�� The balls are��the juggler.
��� The�puppy is��the box.
The girl is sitting��of the piano.
There are raindrops��the cloud.
The chalkboard is �the teacher.
The monster is �the bed.
The baby is �a blanket.
The cow is jumping �the moon.
3. Nursery Rhymes. Write the correct preposition.
�� Humpty Dumpty sat �a wall.
��Jack jumped �the candlestick.
�The old woman is �of the shoe.
���Pussy cat is �the queen's chair.
���The spider is �Little Miss Muffet.
�There is wool �Black Sheep's bags.
����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� by Anna Pess�a