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Prepositions of Place

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1. Watch the video.
2. Choose the correct option.
The fishisthe tank.
The man isof the computer.
The hairdresser ishis client.
The frog is a log.
The balls arethe juggler.
Thepuppy isthe box.
The girl is sittingof the piano.
There are raindropsthe cloud.
The chalkboard is the teacher.
The monster is the bed.
The baby is a blanket.
The cow is jumping the moon.
3. Nursery Rhymes. Write the correct preposition.
Humpty Dumpty sat a wall.
Jack jumped the candlestick.
The old woman is of the shoe.
Pussy cat is the queen's chair.
The spider is Little Miss Muffet.
There is wool Black Sheep's bags.
by Anna Pessa