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1. Choose the right option and match the number of each�sentence with the pictures on the right (write the numbers with letters):
1. The witch �a broom.��������������������������
2. The sleepy dog �a bone in front�of him.�
3. �John �a new motorbike. He �a new red� car.
4. Maria's father �a big lorry. He �a nice bike.
5. Lily ang Olga are not very good friends. They ��many things in common.
6. Sally �a volleyball. She �a football and a basketball.
7. �Peter junior �a skateboard?
��� Yes, he
8. Little Susan �a lemonade. She �a cone.
9. The girl �nice glasses. She �really ugly glasses.
10. The king �a crown on his head.
11. Lisa and Martin �a girl. They �a boy called Anthony.
2.�Correct the mistakes on the verbs. There is one correct...BE CAREFUL!:
1. My mother have got a very good book.
2. The babies has got�a lot of toys.
3. He and Sally has got a nice house in the mountain.
4. My friends hasn't got a big dog. They hav got a cat.
5. Has you got a lot of crayons in your pencil case?
6. Adam hasn't got any papers in his rucksack.
7. I hasen't got a brother. I has got a sister.
8. Have got Laura a blue car? No, she haven't. She have got a red car.
9. My grandmother has'nt got 2 purses. She hasgot one in her bag.
10. Have the sheriff got a gun in his pocket?? Yes, he hasn't.
3.�Say what things George has or has not got�(hasn't got)�in �his room:

1. George �a basketball shirt on the wall.
2. George �a tiger carpet next to his bed.
3. George �a� trunk at his bed foot.
4. George �a TV on his desk.
5. George �some posters on the wall.
6. George �3 bedside tables.
7. George�a dog.
8. George �an electric guitar.
9. George �a window in his room.
4. Say what things�Robert and�Peter�have or have not got�(haven't got)�in��their room:
1. They �a Spanish guitar near the bed.
2. They �a dark blue carpet in the middle of the room.
3. They �a computer on the desk.
4. They �books on the table.
5. They �2 drawers under the bed.
6. They �3 cushions under the window.
7. They �a lamp on the bed.
8. They �a ball next to the bed.